Signs of AC Problems and Quick Hacks to Save Them

The following are certain warning signs surrounding your air conditioner. Take note of them. Continuing to ignore them will only result in major damages that will prompt you to hire professional help or get the air conditioner replaced.

1. When your ac unit is not cooling properly…

  • Refrigerants: Regarding refrigerants, make sure to check them if they’re either leaking or just undercharged. Either way, hire an HVAC professional to get those refrigerants sealed when leaking or tested after it’s recharged. Simply adding a refrigerant solution will not do.

2. Thermostat issues

  • A thermostat that does not properly read the temperature will only result in improper regulation of cool air,
    thereby, making raising the cost of your utility bills.

3. Sensor problems

  • A sensor that is out of place is what causes sensor problems. You can just properly position the wire holding the sensor in place to give it a quick fix.

4. Drainage problems

  • Drains and ducts clogged with dirt restricts airflow. Have them cleaned by professional help so they can also check them for leaks and have them sealed.

dirty coils can lead to serious damage in the long run5. Dirty filters

  • A filter clogged with dirt particles will only make for inefficient cooling. You will only raise the cost of your electric bills. Make sure to clean them from time to time or have them replaced.

6. When your ac unit is not turning on anymore…

  • Electric control failure Frequent use (frequent turning on and turning off) of your ac unit can wear out the compressors and the fans. Better to have a professional check the electrical connections and discuss possible replacements of these vital components. Note that the compressor may cost you thousands of dollars.

7. When your ac unit has low airflow…

  •  Ductwork problems
  • Issues with ducts include leaking or clogging
  • Dirty filters

Consider Your Climate, Know Your AC!

You can be spending so much money for an air conditioner that is regarded by many as “cost-effective”or “highly efficient” but there’s a possibility you’re still doing it wrong. If you want to make the most out of your spending, you have to consider the climate in your area before choosing the right AC. Read more on the types of air conditioners. For climates with low humidity like in Mesa, Arizona, it is recommended that an evaporative cooler or swamp coolers be purchased for cost-effectivity. It is relatively small and easy to install and uses only about ¼ of the electrical power utilized by bigger ac units. It suits well those living in Mesa because the air can be quite dry. The evaporative cooler will also act as a humidifier, thus, giving air moisture.

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