A warm climate throughout the year like the one in Mesa, Arizona can be quite the hassle. Living in a humid, sunny area for the entire year makes an air conditioner as an essential must-have to give your home a touch of comfort. At some point, however, you’ll run into a malfunctioning air conditioner that will bring you more stress than comfort. To keep your AC in top condition, regular maintenance and checkups must be done with an HVAC professional. However, calling a professional to address your concerns can be too much if you’re on a budget. The cost for repairs and replacement may reach hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on your AC unit and its damaged parts. So before you call that HVAC technician, it is highly recommended to understand how your AC operates and know some troubleshooting hacks before you start shelling out money for repairs or replacements.

How an AC Operates

understanding the functionality of an acKnowing how an air conditioner works is the first step in troubleshooting easily repairable damages. Each ac has parts that do a certain function.

1.Evaporator They are cooling coils that eliminates heat and humidity from the air through refrigerants. They are responsible for the cool air that we feel in the room.

2.Blower. It’s a sort of fan placed above the evaporator. It disperses the cooled air.

3.Condenser They are coils that release heat into the outdoor air.

4.Compressor This part of the AC unit chills the indoor air by pumping the refrigerants between the evaporator and condenser.

5.Fan This fan blows over the condenser to counteract the hot outdoor air originating from the condenser.

6.Filter This tool plays an important role by removing, to an extent, unwanted particles in the air.

7.Thermostat By gauging or measuring the temperature of the surrounding air, this device can regulate the temperature of the cool air produced by the air conditioner.

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