Patriot Air Services

Here at Patriot Air, we offer many services assisting homeowners with their air conditioning system’s warranty requirements of doing annual routine maintenance on their current indoor comfort system.

Homeowners are typically unaware that the warranty agreement which comes with an air conditioner usually states that the system be serviced annually by a qualified technician and that the coils be cleaned as part of that routine service. Every home warranty company is aware of this disclosure in the warranty agreement’s terms and conditions and typically, we’ve found, they exploit it quite a bit.

Most third-party insurance companies typically attribute air conditioning failures to lack of proper preventive maintenance. They are implying that the homeowner ignored the terms and conditions of the factory warranty agreement that came with the air conditioner, and therefore are not justified in insuring item or honor their contractual obligation to cover the particular repair. In several cases we’ve found, if you do not have receipts for chemical coil cleanings on both your evaporator and condenser coils on an annual basis, you run the risk of being denied coverage for repairs.

If you ever have a catastrophic failure of the unit (i.e. compressor failure, hole in the coil) you are running the risk of being denied coverage due to lack of proper preventive maintenance. We WERE in the networks of several home warranty companies including American Home Shield, Old Republic Home Warranty Protection, First American Home Buyers Protection, Colonial Home Warranty, Total Protect Home Warranty, Choice Home Warranty, Home Warranty of America, and we ran across this all the time. This is why we are no longer vendors in these companies network. We refuse to be caught in the middle of home warranty company denying claims to people who bought a policy. The homeowner blames it on us for “getting them” denied. They get frustrated at us and complain to BBB so therefore, we only work with home warranty companies in certain instances.

We are proudly here to fulfill those requirements on your behalf and keep your system in good working order.

Here is the currently offered Patriot Air Services:

  • Annual Checkups
  • Service Calls
  • Free Estimates
  • Retro Fit Installations
  • Rebates & Incentives
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Insulation
  • Solar Subcontracting

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Patriot Air Services