Patriot Air Inc’s Annual AC Check-Ups!

An annual checkup on your air conditioning system, done by a qualified technician, is required by the manufacturer to ensure it works properly for years of trouble free service. There are expensive components inside an air conditioning unit that could fail if not monitored and maintained regularly. What is typically done on an annual checkup is really quite basic, but essential in maintaining the unit’s peak efficiency and reliability.

AC Check Ups in Scottsdale imageFirst, a “temperature split” is taken to determine if the correct temperature of air is coming out of the supply register. A 20 degree difference is typical in Arizona depending on the heat load. We also take a look at the thermostat to insure it is reading the correct temperature and advise if batteries need replaced. During the inspection, we go to several different supply registers to make sure the correct airflow is coming out each of the vents properly and not restricted in any way. This is also to insure the ductwork is attached correctly and not blowing air into the attic.

Next, we take all the amp draws of the motors in the system and document them accordingly to their amp ratings. This will notify us in advance if their is a potential issue, because the motors will be pulling high amps if something is awry. We test all the run capacitors and lubricate the motors in the system to insure the motors are starting quickly and reliably. Tightening down any loose wires is also critical in maintaining the system. A loose wire will create heat and melt the wires and damage windings in the motors. Water must not get into the electrical whip or disconnect box going to the unit as well. There are many safeties and relays that are inspected as well to insure proper operation and functionality.

Inspecting the coils and their cleanliness is critical in maintaining the peak operating efficiency of an air conditioner. Dirty coils will cause higher operating pressures, and increase your utility bill. This is also not good for the compressor, as it has to work much harder to transfer heat out of the coils if they are dirty. These coils also condensate when the humidity is just right, so we also take a look to insure the unit is draining that water properly. Finally, the freon pressure must be look at and measured. A low refrigerant charge will damage the compressor, not to mention, be quite costly in electrical consumption as the unit will have to run longer to achieve the demand.

We offer a 20 point inspection for just $59.95 to address these potential issues. Contact Patriot Air Inc today!