What is the difference in efficiency?

Heating System Maintenance imageAir-conditioners remove heat from your home’s indoor air by “transferring heat” into the Freon inside of the evaporator coil, they do not “add cold” air to the house. There is a cold coil called an evaporator coil inside the unit that is full of frosty Freon. Air from inside your home is blown across this coil through a filter as to keep the coil clean.  The cleaner the coil is, the better the heat can be transferred into the Freon inside the coil. Heat from your indoor air is absorbed by the frozen coil’s Freon thus, ‘cold air’ output is the result.

In order to be sure if you have the right-sized equipment for your home, a “Manual J” heat load calculation can be performed.

A “Manual J” heat load calculation determines the amount of heat your home’s “taking on” and how many “tons” of air-conditioning is required to remove that heat. The amount of heat your home is “taking on/in” is measured in BTU’s (British Thermal Units) “Manual J” considers all relevant factors as to why one house would be hotter than say another house.

Factors to include, but are not limited to, are the home’s exposure to the sun, ie…north, south, east, west. How many people are going to be in the home? How many pets? what kind of appliances are giving off heat, ie… gas stove, dryer, refrigerator, electronics.

What KIND of insulation does my attic and walls have? What is it’s “R-Value.”

How many windows are in my home to let BTU’s of heat? What side of the home are they on? What kind of sun exposure do my windows get? Are they single-pane or double pane windows?

What temperature are we trying to achieve inside the home with respect to outside weather conditions? This is called “Delta T”, Subtract your indoor temperature you want at the thermostat from the outside temperature at your equipment, this is your “Delta T”.

”It’s 115 degrees outside and I want to keep my house at 70 degrees.” This is called a 45 degree “Delta T.” If you keep your thermostat at 80 degrees inside, your “Delta T” is less. Now it’s only 35 degrees.

Increasing the “Delta T” (lowering the thermostat in cooling) will increase the amount of tonnage you will require to remove the indoor heat in order to achieve that temperature inside the home.

The largest sized residential unit is 5 ton, if the heat load calculation determines that 5 ton unit is not sufficient enough BTU removal for a given space, then either a small window unit must be added to assist, or the duct system must be divided into two separate systems and two units must be installed totaling 5 or more ton.

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