How do I increase efficiency?

SEER is Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (see image above) The higher the SEER, the more efficient the unit is. There are several factors that increase a unit’s SEER Rating. Adding a “variable speed” blower motor increases the SEER. Adding a 2-stage compressor increases the SEER.

What is a 2-stage compressor?

Let’s say you have a 5 ton system… A 2-stage compressor is a rotary compressor that spins at a medium and at a high speed. These systems require a 2-stage thermostat to decide whether to be in low or high stage. This means, if you have a 5 ton system, you can run the system at 3.5 ton on the days in which you do not require 5 tons of cooling.You can run the system at 3.5 ton until the system can no longer keep up with the cooling demand. Then it switches into 5 ton mode when needed to completely cool the house down to the desired temperature.

Most systems in Arizona are sized for the hottest days of the year.

If you have single-stage compressor, then the unit has one speed which is “ON.”  A single-stage system is typically sized to cool the house to 78 on the hottest day in August. if it is not over 105 degrees outside, then there probably isn’t a need for 5 tons of cooling capacity. No all days are 115 degrees here. so there is no need for that much cooling on days in which it’s not 100 degrees or more.

2-stages of cooling allow the system to run longer at a slower speed for a longer period to achieve the same desired temperature result. Ask yourself, “When does a car get the best gas mileage?” Well, usually when it’s on the highway traveling at consistent rate of speed, correct? Well air-conditioning is no different… If we try to use as little power to cool the space for a longer period of time then that is when the unit is at its peak efficiency. Dirt particles are removed from the air only when air is traveling through the filter. Humidity (moisture) from the air is removed from the air only when air is passing through the air handler. So, running the unit longer, at a slower speed is how these unit’s are achieving the higher SEER ratings. This is also how you will achieve the greatest de-humidification in the home. This is how to filter more of the airborne particles in the air as well.

January 4th, 2017|Air Conditioner|