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Specialized Service

We will service any make or model of air conditioning system, regardless of it’s age or condition. We have several full-service vehicles loaded up with just about everything you should require for immediate servicing of your home’s indoor comfort system. We use only the highest quality parts and equipment to ensure years of trouble-free service with the best parts warranty in the industry – 1 year! Patriot Air, Inc. provides several name brands of equipment for you to consider before deciding on the comfort system that best fits your family’s needs and budget, call Patriot Air today, a Scottsdale Air Conditioning Company specializing in the Arizona climate.

Quality Products

We are proud dealers of units manufactured by American Standard, Bryant, Goodman and Day & Night. We proudly offer these name brand HVAC systems because we feel these models have proven to be the best value and warranty in the industry. The higher SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) systems can literally slash your monthly utility bill in half and will provide homeowners with years of trouble-free indoor comfort. We will certainly disclose any and all rebates and tax credits available to you when purchasing any new comfort system.

Affordable Maintenance

Thank you for taking time to experience what service is all about at Patriot Air Inc. We are a full-service residential air conditioning and heating company specializing in annual preventive maintenance checkups, prompt, reliable service for inoperable systems and expert retrofit installations of new equipment. An annual checkup on your air conditioning system, done by a qualified technician, is required by the manufacturer to ensure it works properly for years of trouble free service. With the latest state-of-the-art HVAC equipment and a highly experienced staff, we have the tools to handle any task, big or small.

We Are Dedicated To Protecting Your Comfort

Phoenix Valley Air Conditioning and Heating 

Patriot Air Inc serves the entire Metro Phoenix area. Patriot Air is a full-service HVAC contractor in the Phoenix-metro area. We service the greater Maricopa County area and surrounding valley cities, like Fountain Hills. Patriot Air has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is a proud member of the Arizona Heat Pump Council. We are a qualified contractor for APS and SRP through the Electric League of Arizona. Our technicians are “Master Heat Pump” technicians as well as NATE Certified.

We have never had a registered complaint through the Registrar of Contractors. We have over 250 positive reviews on

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Common Questions:

Why should you use Patriot Air?

Patriot Air is a trusted leader in the HVAC industry since 2008. We are a licensed, bonded and insured contractor. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and plan to keep it that way. We have never had a registered complaint with the R.O.C. and hopefully, never will. We employ a friendly staff eager to listen and ready to serve your air-conditioning/heating requests. We are committed to keeping our reputation stellar and are quick to address any concerns you may have with your experience. All of our technicians are expertly trained and knowledgeable of all makes and models of equipment – new and old. We have a fully-stocked fleet of trucks ready to serve you and your comfort needs. Read More…

What is the difference in efficiency?

Air-conditioners remove heat from your home’s indoor air by “transferring heat” into the Freon inside of the evaporator coil, they do not “add cold” air to the house. There is a cold coil called an evaporator coil inside the unit that is full of frosty Freon. Air from inside your home is blown across this coil through a filter as to keep the coil clean.  The cleaner the coil is, the better the heat can be transferred into the Freon inside the coil. Heat from your indoor air is absorbed by the frozen coil’s Freon thus, ‘cold air’ output is the result. Read More..

How do I increase efficiency?

SEER is Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating The higher the SEER, the more efficient the unit is. There are several factors that increase a unit’s SEER Rating. Adding a “variable speed” blower motor increases the SEER. Adding a 2-stage compressor increases the SEER.

What is a 2-stage compressor?

Let’s say you have a 5 ton system… A 2-stage compressor is a rotary compressor that spins at a medium and at a high speed. These systems require a 2-stage thermostat to decide whether to be in low or high stage. This means, if you have a 5 ton system, you can run the system at 3.5 ton on the days in which you do not require 5 tons of cooling.You can run the system at 3.5 ton until the system can no longer keep up with the cooling demand. Then it switches into 5 ton mode when needed to completely cool the house down to the desired temperature. Read More…

We are available to answer any other questions you may have about your home, unit, or what would be the best decision for your home comfort. Call Us Today.

What are some things I can check before I book a service call?

• Is the thermostat turned on and calling for heat/cool?

• Have I replaced the batteries in the thermostat lately?

• Have I gone to my electrical panel to see if a breaker has tripped?

• Is there electricity and/or natural gas in my home currently?

• Have I changed my filter in a while?

• Do I hear the unit working at all?

What information can I expect to provide when booking a service call?

• What time can I let someone in to see the thermostat/unit?

• Is technician going to need a 24’ foot ladder to access my 2-story roof?

• About how old is my system?

• Is the unit still under manufacturer’s warranty?

• What are my major cross streets?

• What is my gate code?

• What is my building number?

• What is my unit number?

• Who is going to greet the technician at my property?

• What is my tenant’s phone number?

• What is my property manager’s number?

• What is the work order number I received from my home warranty company?

What else should I prepare myself for?

• Who is going to pay the bill at the time of the service?

• Do I have invoices or paperwork from previous repairs?

• Is there a lock on the gate and do I have a key to allow access into the yard?

• Is the electrical panel locked and can it be removed if necessary?

• Is there clear access through “scuttle hole” if technician needs to get into attic?

• Do I need to back cars out of garage so technician can get into my attic?

• Is the floor below attic access clear of obstructions? Will technician be able to set up a ladder?

• Do I need to lock my dog(s) up? Do I need to restrain any pets from escaping the yard and/or home.

• Do I have a new filter that technician can install for me?


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